C1 1215
  1. Optimize the smoothness of T-Bar
  2. Improve system fluency
  3. Add Auto saving after recording
  4. Change the operation mode of the PTZ camera zoom function(knob control is changed to button operation)
  5. Fix some known bugs and improve system stability
C1 0801

C1 0801:
1. Optimized HDMI interface compatibility (SONY, Panasonic and other cameras)
2. Optimize system performance and stability
3. Add the automatic recording save time setting
4. Add PTZ camera speed adjustment

C1 0614

1. Fix the possibility of pressing the PVW button causing PGM screen switching.
2. Add support for the PTSZ camera VISCA protocol (1259 port).
3.Fixed UVC capture required to select a capture format that was not recognized by the livestreaming software.

C1 Default language setting 0524

Solve the problem of the default English system and the default English of the web&smartphone control.
Upgrade method: Put the upgrade file in the root directory of the U disk, insert the U disk after the device is turned on, wait for the automatic upgrade to complete, and then shut down and pull out the U disk.

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