Privacy Policy

1.CinetreakTechnical Support Team

     Cinetreak technical team is available to provide support if your product is not functioning properly or is performing poorly. All technical support questions or requests will be answered within 24 hours of the initial contact.

Please contact the Cinetreak technical support team for any assistance required by email us at:

2.After-Sales Service Policy

     The Cinetreak product after-sales policy only applies to the original purchaser for personal or professional use. The after-sales policy does not apply if the product is resold to another party.If the customer needs maintenance, they need to pay certain maintenance costs according to the test results.

  2.1. 1-Year Warranty

   Within 1-Year from the date that you receive the package,the defective product which is not caused by human or physical damage is eligible to get the repair/product replaced.If after-sales support is needed, original purchase vouchers and purchase channels should be provided to

  2.2.Return and Repair

   You may request a product repair for any performance malfunctions occurring within the valid product warranty period.

The after-sales service department will complete product testing, repair, and quality inspection within 15 working days of receiving your product and ensure that the product is functioning properly.

If the product is not covered by warranty or it is determined that the repair does not meet the warranty conditions, you will be given the choice to pay for the repair or request the product’s return unrepaired.The customer bears the cost of sending to the maintenance warehouse, and the manufacturer bears the cost of sending back but is not responsible for the related duties.

  2.3. Product Replacement

   During the warranty period, the product has any non-human factors or non-physical damage problems, after the after-sales service department confirmed can not be repaired or replacement parts, we will provide product replacement.The customer bears the cost of sending to the maintenance warehouse, and the manufacturer bears the cost of sending back but is not responsible for the related duties.

3.Supplementary Notes

     .Return, replacement, and repair services during the warranty period may vary based on products and locations.

     .You are required to send the defective product back to a Cinetreak authorized agent or service center, who will test the returned product for malfunctions to determine who is responsible for the damage. Cinetreak will assume inspection, material, labor, and logistics fees for the product with confirmed quality defects.

     .If the product does not meet warranty conditions, you may choose to either pay for the repair or have the original product shipped back to you.

     . We will charge appropriate inspection fees, replacement parts fees, testing fees, labor fees, and logistics fees accordingly if the product repair is not covered by the warranty (an example would be accidental damage to the product).

     . Back up your personal data as data may be lost during product repairs.

     .You shall assume all losses due to an incorrect shipping address provided or if the recipient refuses to accept the parcel.

     .You shall obtain Cinetreak ‘s consent if you intend to ship products overseas and will be required to pay any corresponding taxes, duties, and customs clearance fees incurred.

     .Cinetreak may not be able to provide repair services for severely damaged products it deems uneconomical to repair and will provide replacement services instead. Please acknowledge this before deciding whether to return a product.

     .To safeguard your normal rights, please check whether products are in good condition (such as whether there is any damage caused by transportation) before signing for them. Please report any product defects to us within 7 days of signing for the receipt of the parcel. Products damaged in transportation will need to be reported to Cinetreak technical support within 24 hours according to the logistics provider’s claim process, and late reports will not be accepted.


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